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If your beginning writer needs practice writing with correct proportions, this is a great tool for them! When they use Lil Dude Learning's proportional writing pages, they can easily see which letters reach way up to the blue sky, which ones stay in the green grass, and which ones have burrowed into the brown ground.


This customized kit provides practice for the writer's name, the alphabet, numerals 1-25, and a blank page to practice sight words, seasonal words, or even sentences! Provide your student's first and last names when ordering.


Skills Practiced: 

  • Handwriting
  • Proportional letter formation
  • Fine motor control

Recommended Grade Levels: K-1


Number of Users: 1



  • 2 double-sided writing mats
  • Dry erase marker with felt eraser
  • Instructions
  • Poly storage envelope


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Possible Choking Hazard:

Product may contain small pieces. Provide appropriate supervision for children under 3 years old.

Customized Writing in Proportion: Print

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