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The Story of Lil Dude

Growing up, our son did not like going to "children's church" on Sundays because it was crowded and loud. So, he sat with us in "big church." To keep himself quietly occupied, he doodled. The simple-shaped hero in his doodles came to be known by us as Lil Dude, and he starred in Sunday morning doodles for several years. When I decided to start my business, I asked my (now adult) son to draw a few Lil Dudes to use in our logo and branding. This momma is very proud of her boy, and each day as I see Lil Dude in our logo, I am reminded of him.

Photo of a young boy wearing a ball cap, sunglasses, and red shirt, sitting in front of red tulips

The Faces Behind Lil Dude Learning

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