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Practice counting, adding, and subtracting within twenty while playing this fun ladybug-themed math activity! A spin and solve mat helps you form and write equations - just flip the spinner to the side you need to practice. The number line and double ten frames help you solve your equations. Turn your solving work into gaming fun by using the Race to 100 game track or the Ladybug Collector game mats!


Skills Practiced:

  • Adding within 20
  • Subtracting within 20
  • Using a number line to solve equations
  • Using ten frames to solve equations
  • Basic game playing skills of taking turns and counting score on a path


Recommended Grade Levels: K - 2



  • 2 double-sided playing mats
  • 1 double-sided math tool mat
  • 45 bingo chips
  • 1 Snap-on spinner arrow
  • Dry erase marker and felt eraser
  • Instructions
  • Poly storage envelope


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Possible Choking Hazard:

Product may contain small pieces. Provide appropriate supervision for children under 3 years old.

Ladybug Spin & Solve

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