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Your learner can develop and demonstrate their mathematical mastery when they practice with clip cards. This self-checking fusion of flash cards and multiple-choice quiz provides independent practice in the classroom, at home, or on the go! You can separate or shuffle the cards as needed to customize the set for your learner's skill level. 


To use clip cards, look at the equation, solve it, and clip the clothespin onto the correct answer. Flip the card over. (Clip it...and flip it!) If you clipped the "Super!" symbol, you got it right! Great job! 


Skills Practiced: 

  • Set 1: Multiplication facts from 1x1 through 6x12
  • Set 2: Multiplication facts from 7x1 through 12x12


Recommended Grade Levels: 3-4


Number of Players: 1-4



  • 72 Clip cards
  • 4 clothespins
  • Instructions
  • Plastic storage case

** Colors of clothespins may vary. **


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Possible Choking Hazard:

Product may contain small pieces. Provide appropriate supervision for children under 3 years old.

Multiplication Clip Cards

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