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Here's a game that grows and grows with your learner!  It's fun! It's flexible! And it's fundamental! Mix and match game parts -- spinner, cards, and play mats -- to make a great way to practice numbers within ten in various forms! 


Skills Practiced: 

  • Making connections  between different ways to represent numbers
  • Finger counting; tally marks; dominoes; ten frames; word form; standard form; shapes in a pattern


Recommended Grade Levels: PreK - 1st


Number of Players: 1-2



  • 2 double-sided playing mats
  • 1 double-sided spinner
  • 7 sets of 10 cards
  • Bingo chips
  • Instructions
  • Poly storage envelope

** Colors of bingo chips may vary. **


Possible Choking Hazard:

Product may contain small pieces. Provide appropriate supervision for children under 3 years old.

Number Sense

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